I am Samuel Franada, and Lines&Moodswings is my personal Visual Communications Brand. 

I came up with this brand identity while I was finishing up my BFA at Cornish College of the Arts in 2005. The "Lines" part of things came from my propensity for frenetic and indiscriminate reliance on line work, and the "Moodswings" part came from my unfortunate anti-social predisposition. As I've out-grown those limitations, the identity has also evolved to remain as fair a representation of my  creative process today: furiously sketch while you furiously think towards the solution. This is the gist of my vision as a visual communicator.

My professional experiences during those in-between years include start-ups, start-ups, freelance, then more start-ups. 

Between 2005-2010 I co-founded several projects with a handful of like-minded folks, and we focused on sustainability and intelligent consumerism- notable among these is GoodSociety, an eco-friendly and responsibly-made fashion brand that partnered closely with the likes of Urban Outfitters; as well as JesusBranded, a faith-centric t-shirt project that collaborated with award-winning musical artist and global non-profits like International Justice Mission.

In 2011, I briefly lent a hand to local startup Curious Office, helping launch a micro-blogging service called Zapd. It's subsequent press attention resulted in VC funding from the esteemed Madrona Ventures.

Between 2012-2015 I acted as a Producer for Consumer Media Network, a content strategy and search marketing Firm in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood. Having developed a deep understanding of what makes messages spread online, I'm fortunate to have led teams whose work has been referenced by NPR's This American Life, FastCo Design, The New Yorker, and other notable digital content publishers. 

I have since joined Soda.com, a lean start-up in the media and online publishing space focused on changing consumer experience. I've had the opportunity to wear several hats, from Content Strategy to User Experience, and am currently settled in running A/B testing as the Growth Manager for key sites. As of October 2016, we've been acquired by Red Ventures, a fast-growing marketing company known for their sharp culture of business excellence; as they continue to expand their offices globally to the likes of Brazil and the UK, we are proud to be their first real presence in the west coast of the US.

I've also had the privilege of academic experience the last few years: In the Fall of 2015 I taught an introduction to Adobe Illustrator at Seattle University, and in the Fall of 2014 I co-taught Liquid Page, an Inter-Arts class that focused on bridging digital image-making with analog printing methods at my alma mater Cornish College of the Arts.

Thanks again for looking at my work. Let's get in touch and do some cool stuff together: sdfranada@gmail.com